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I was driving on a graveled road leaving a trail of dust behind me and singing at the top of my voice. I was rounding a very tall-for-Kansas kind of hill. It was one of those curves that seemed to go on forever. I wasn’t paying much attention to the road or as it turned out, to my mom’s flying signals either.

That changed abruptly when suddenly my mom was flying low and straight at me. We were eye-to-eye!. I could see her laughing as we locked eyes. (Now I understand why my pony, Silver, didn’t care for this)!

Mom was very careful as she flew right over the hood and roof of the car. She dropped a flag from her automatic flagman mounted on the right wing.

In retrospect, it was a marvel that I didn’t crash! On the other hand, this was pretty par for my mom! (I came by this naturally, guys!) This proves it!

The good news is that I got her message. I was approaching an otherwise unmarked turn that I needed to make and Mom just wanted to get my attention so I didn’t miss it. Mission accomplished! Laundry necessary!